About Us: The Morgan Family

I am the proud mother of a 12 year old boy who is one of the sweetest and empathetic children you will ever meet. He also has a disability and I think it is a gift. He is my inspiration for entering into law school and opening Colorado Community Advocacy. We are natives of Colorado Springs, with generations of our family growing in these lovely mountains. We also have several members of our family that are on the spectrum.

My son has spent many long hours in various therapies. He had to hard work to make it this far and we couldn't have done it without the support of our community. We are thankful and love our family and friends and all of the wonderful providers that have assisted us along our journey. 

We feel that all people with disabilities have unique strengths to contribute to the world. I pray to be their voice and help them find their own place to function and be an active participant in society, free from judgment and discrimination. 

SSDI and Medicaid

Colorado Community Advocacy can help you prepare your application for Social Security Disability Claims...

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IEP's and 504 Plans

Colorado Community Advocacy can help you plan for your child's appropriate educational needs... 

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Transition Services

Colorado Community Advocacy will work with individuals to find the right services... 

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Working together for an inclusive world.